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Feb. 12: AGC Seminar – Hirotachi Abo

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3 p.m. MB124. Hirotachi Abo from the University of Idaho will be the speaker for the seminar titled “Eigenvectors of tensors.”

Abstract: Eigenvectors of tensors were first introduced by L. Qi and L.-H. Lim independently in 2005. The set of eigenvectors of a tensor forms a variety called the eigenvariety of the tensor. The purpose of this talk is to study the algebra and geometry of eigenvarieties of tensors. The eigenvariety of a general tensor consists of a finite number of eigenvectors (up to scaling) and the formula for counting the number of distinct eigenvectors of such a tensor is known. It is therefore a very natural question to ask: “What is the condition(s) for a finite set of points to be the eigenvariety of a tensor?” In this talk, I discuss a characterization of eigenvarieties of 3-mod ternary tensors.

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February 12, 2016
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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